Offering a wonderful range of teas for any occasion and something for all tastes.

Thomas Twining bought Tom's Coffee House on London's Strand in 1706. The location of the shop was perfect as it straddled the border between Westminster and the City of London, an area that was newly populated with the finest of London’s aristocracy as a result of the Great Fire of London. Competition between coffee houses was stiff. Fresh ideas and unusual promotional twists were what kept the business alive. The difference at Tom's was tea. Despite efforts to repress tea-drinking through the stupidly high taxes, tea became increasingly fashionable during the early part of the 18th Century, especially among the upper classes, and they flocked in their masses to buy tea from Toms Coffee House.

 Twinings teaquickly became the country’s tea of choice, and Twinings has been renowned sincethen as a tea supplier of supremely high quality. Twinings famously supply even the British royals with their unique blend of choice. What more could you ask for a sublime tea experience?

 Today, more than 300 years later, their passion for tea is still there. Twinings still sell tea from Thomas's shop, and still work hard to bring new blends to tea lovers. Now, they have over 500 varieties and Twinings teas are drunk all over the world.

Our Twinings gift range embodies this wide assortment of flavours and preferences, featuring delicate ceramic teacups and more tea blends than you can count for a truly unique tea-drinking experience!