Starbucks’ iconic Siren logo and delicious coffee guarantees these gifts are coveted by the brand’s vast fan base.

 Founded in Seattle in 1971, Starbucks is now one of the UK’s most popular coffee brands. Travelling to the UK in 1998, Starbucks now plays host to over 2 million UK customers each week. Their coffee shops can be found on every street corner and have rapidly become a part of everyday life in our towns and cities.

 Starbucks’ striking logo and strong graphics, featuring the iconic Siren (a figure who pays homage to the seafaring traditions of early coffee-traders) form a large part of the gift ranges’ appeal, alongside – of course – the delicious Starbucks coffee. As a renowned and aspirational coffee brand, who could resist these instantly recognisable gift sets?

 Our Starbucks ranges have proved to be a risk-free gift selection across the demographic, appealing to lovers of the brand nationwide. From an initial SKU count of 4 lines in 2009, we have built an impressive set of gift ranges to engage all potential customers and price points.